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5G issues


Here is a non-exhaustive attempt to list the dangers posed by 5G

DNA Breakage.JPG
DNA breakage 2.png

Official speech by Dr. Sharon Goldberg (USA)

An ongoing laboratory study on 5G has demonstrated, on human cells (fibroblasts), that many DNA breaks occur, which was not at all the case on the control cell group.
Other significant biochemical changes were observed (permeability K and Ca). The test cells in question were irradiated at 1 to 2V/m, with a 5G signal using QAM-256 and 1024 modulation, for a period of one month.


5G uses an OFDM transmission method with QAM-256 or QAM-1024 modulation to increase data transmission capacity. This creates signals with a very high crest factor (=ratio between the instantaneous "peaks" of the signal and its RMS value), and these high "peaks" are particularly harmful from a biological point of view. High instantaneous powers are therefore required to transmit the 5G signal. By increasing the number of symbols transmitted with higher order QAM coding, it becomes necessary to also increase the transmitted power to have a decodable signal on reception.



The transmission frequencies of the data packets are determined by the application and/or the "operating system" in use on the connected device. Depending on the frequencies used, specific adverse effects on the human nervous system may occur.



These so-called "adaptive" multibeam antennas concentrate the power transmitted spatially on the user, but also on everything between the antenna and him. We can therefore have very high local power, much more so than with other types of antennas. The 5G network will also require higher power, higher antennas density and an overall higher radiation level (already too high).


The use of multi-channel to transmit information further increases the overall intensity, and interactions between channels are very likely to generate biological problems.


The 5G has not been tested in real use regarding its impact on human health, nor on the environment, in particular on birds and insects, the latter having already seen their population fall by 75%... and again, without 5G ! What will happen next?


The European Council has established in the “Resolution Nr.1815” in 2011 that the overall radiation level should not exceed 0.2V/m.

Minimum distance antenna-to-people.JPG

61V/m !


The international community, ITU and WHO are preparing a "harmonization" of radiation limit values by adopting those of the ICNIRP, which are decades old and only take into account the heating effect (thermal effect), ignoring the biological effects of EM waves. According to the Council of Europe in its Resolution 1815, these limits "have serious weaknesses".

Indeed, limit values such as those in Switzerland (6V/m in emission) pose a serious problem for the deployment of 5G, making it even "perhaps impossible" according to antenna manufacturer ERICSSON.

The deployment of 5G will most likely make it necessary to use "small cells" (small transmitter cells) of less than 6W, which are not subject to authorisation. With a limit close to 6V/m, the safety distance will be 5m60, while with 61V/m it would only be.... 60cm!

electrosmog increase over years.png

Comments on this graph : 

We can clearly see the increase following the appearance of the first iPhone in 2007, followed by other smartphones.

The graph stops in 2011 and does not show the consequences of the emergence of 4G, which boosted online video playback (although 3G works very well for that), but we can expect a further increase in electrosmog after 2013-2014, dates of 4G's popularization.

And 5G, if deployed, will make things even worse. If levels of up to 20 or even 61V/m are reached, the health impact will be major.


Increasing the irradiation of the population for the implementation of 5G as planned will inevitably lead to a sharp increase in the number of serious diseases and the emergence of EM Wave Intolerance Syndrome (EHS) in many people, who will become unable to work and thus become unemployed and when unemployed, social assistance or disability insurance will have to pay. This will therefore pose insoluble problems at the state level.

Electronic waste and child labour.JPG


The deployment of 5G is in any case extremely damaging for the planet, because of the quantities of materials needed to build tens or hundreds of millions of antennas, billions of mobile devices, plus the 100 billion (!) "connected objects" (otherwise useless) that we are promised. Not to mention the mountain of waste generated. These materials are also extracted under inhuman conditions, often by children. And these hundreds of billions of devices will become waste (very little recyclable) in less than ten years, further aggravating this already heavy toll.

We are being told about improving waste management with 5G, which will produce even more waste.


5G has not been tested in real use regarding its impact on human health, nor on the environment, in particular on birds and insects, the latter having already seen their population falling by 75%... and again, without 5G ! What will happen next?

Moreover, the “cocktail effect” generated by simultaneous usage of 3G/4G/5G/WiFi etc has not been tested at all and could also generate unknown effects on human biology. 

5G usages.png



5G is supposed to "connect everything and everyone".

They even say "everything that can be connected will be connected", without wondering if it makes sense! 

They want to use it to make machines communicate with each other in factories, in telemedicine, whereas these are fixed and non-mobile applications.

They also want all cars to be connected and cities to become "Smart Cities" where everything is connected. 

The 5G is also an open door to an ultra-connected, ultra-automated, ultra-monitored, robotized world, where individual freedom will no longer have any sense at all. A completely artificial and soulless world.


  • "For a week after April 18, I have had insistent headaches (I never had any), never felt any heart pain and very loud tinnitus, something I never had either. In my entourage, I notice the same phenomena and also particularly difficult insomnia.

  • "Headaches every morning when I wake up. Systematically".

  • "I live at 11 rue du Léman in Geneva and there is a 5G antenna not far from the rue du Mont-Blanc. I usually sleep "like a baby" and I have no sensitivity to 4G or wifi antennas... I sleep next to my wifi on and I have never had any problems. I am very surprised to see that since the activation of the 5G antennas, I have gradually experienced acute tinnitus in my inner ear... a continuous wheezing... and headaches and insomnia. In 45 years, this is the first time I have suffered from insomnia and I am in very good health. I play sports, I have a healthy and balanced life. I can see that this is beyond me and that it does not come directly from me.

  • "I sleep less deeply and wake up regularly after about 4 hours. Then I can't fall asleep anymore. During the day: numbness in my head, lack of concentration or dizziness, sometimes a slight headache. When I can't sleep anymore, I sleep in the basement. Now I can sleep normally after the body has calmed down.

  • "I have never been sensitive to EM waves, but since my exposure from 17.04.2019 to 25.04 on the Champéry antenna, I have felt this: tinnitus that increases as the exposure progresses, until it becomes unbearable. Hyperactivity, total confusion in my mind, constant loss of attention, inability to concentrate, muscle tension in the jaw, feeling of sunburn once out of the radiation, insomnia, and/or sudden awakening after 2 hours of sleep, internal stress, excessive sweating.
    [Note: this man had to leave Champéry for good]


  • "Before I could work with 4G and WIFI network without ever having had a headache once. Since April 19, I have felt this pressure almost constantly on the back of my head.


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